Refocusing Energies & Quiet Time

Life like a CameraThe past few days have been about refocusing energies and quiet time. I definitely needed the time to analyze my thought processes again as well as get rid of the distracting thoughts. The daily process is a continual thing that needs realignment. I took the time necessary and back in the swing of things. I will be posting to the 2016 Ready Journey on Saturday. Making the commitment to a weekly submission has definitely brought about reorganization.

I want to share that sometimes we have all the tools we need but when we add something new to do we want to add a new tool even though the ones we have work fine. Not sure what the cause of that is but I reorganized, reviewed the tools I had and got rid of the new ones where the old tools were just fine. I laugh at myself because I tend to want to create a new calendar, list, etc. when I add something new to my process. That is so over. It is about fine tuning now because I want to accomplish so much more and redoing lists is not on the list! Laughing out loud at myself because making sure I have my quiet time with God is so much more important.
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