The Daily Process

Deep Thought

Today’s thoughts were on a few different things pondering the blog posts read today. My thoughts reflect on the daily process no matter what comes your way. One blog post read is about the spiritual warfare believers face and how it comes head on when we are walking in obedience. Check out the post by clicking the spiritual warfare link above . Seems like things are going just fine and you have exuberance for your obedience. Of course, the enemy is not pleased and all of sudden you feel like the dart board in a game of throw the darts. The key is to keep moving forward. God does have your back. You can read about this in the story of Elijah (I Kings 19).

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This Week’s Frenzy…Trying to Figure it Out

Deep Thought
Trying to Figure It Out

This post culminates what I has resonated from reading other bloggers over the past couple days and this week’s frenzy. I mention a couple of these bloggers as well as their article and site links in this post. I have been in a frenzy within myself. Bills need to be paid and I am frustrated with that because not having enough on hand is irritating. (Of course the irritation is fueled by the countless reminders that a bill is past due. Do we have to have them text two to three times a day?) Finance has been a serious struggle of mine, especially being a single parent. The economy has not always been this crazy for lack of a better term. Have I always made the right financial decision? Of course, not. In the vicious circles that play through my head, I try not to end up making the wrong decision. I was reading this post and saw the whole truth of the what we put ourselves through. ( The mental cycles that we take ourselves through just to make a final decision, hopefully right decision. I tend to see an end result and want to try any means necessary as the best course of action. That, of course, is not how it always plays out. Finance is a major area where God requires trust. Read more of this week’s frenzy…!

Lobster & New Year’s Resolutions

Check the scenario. A large king lobster on the dinner plate. The bowl with the melted, hot butter to dip the crab is right there and you’re ready to dip. The thought of tasting the succulent seafood has your mouth watering! The napkins are on, the utensils are right there to open the crab and delve into this delicious entree. Yet, you try to put the whole lobster in your mouth without using the utensils or breaking it down. You even try to dip the whole lobster into the butter bowl first. Welcome to failure. Not only do you not get to taste the delicate, tender meat inside. You make a full-sized mess. By the way, I do love lobster (as well as real butter with it) and had cravings for it during the pregnancy of my oldest son.

Okay, truly every adult knows better than this. However, that is what we tend to do with New Year’s resolutions. We want to accomplish the whole thing in one felt swoop and expect to thoroughly enjoy the success. I have learned that change, growth and development is a process. It is in this process that you actually move forward to accomplishing your goals. There’s more, keep reading!

Trusting God in the Hard Places

Hard places. We find ourselves there at different times in life. Whether the situation is finances, healing, relationships or personal demons that resurface, these hard places come. Trusting God in the hard places shows the level of trust placed in God. When you are being taken to a higher level in your walk with God, these hard places show us where we actually are and where we need to go.

Yes, I am in a hard place. However, no matter the circumstances or how it looks to the natural eye, God is still in charge. In order to move beyond this place, several things need to occur. First and foremost, still trust God. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1, NKJV). The Amplified version reads like this. “Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].” (Hebrews 11:1, Amp). Trusting God seems much easier when everything flows smoothly. It is harder for the natural man to trust when things get difficult and are out of personal control.

Secondly, speak Scripture in the situation. Renew the mind with the Word of God and speak His word in the situation and then stand. Wednesday’s post talked about the work of the enemy behind the scenes. Some of the challenges come from life and then others may be from the enemy. Remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers and principalities of the unseen world, against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  (Ephesians 6:12, NLT, my paraphrase). Learning to walk this journey trusting God day by day, sometimes even moment by moment is reinforced when we encounter such challenges. As we trust Him, speak the Word and pray, God reveals His will for our lives. He continues to prove Himself faithful and will never leave us nor forsake us.

Remember to unite with like-minded believers in prayer and standing. We are not alone. We are a part of the body of Christ and when we trust those who sincerely and honestly know the Word of God and that they will pray God’s will for our lives, we have support. Behind the scenes, the enemy seeks to divide and conquer. Going through difficulty, there is a tendency to be alone or stay to oneself. Leave no door open for the enemy to use against you.

Thirdly, be anxious for nothing and give praise to God for all things, even the hard places. As I have taken these steps, I have a peace that passes all understanding. Because I have surrendered to Him, because I trust Him and because I know He has the best plan for my life, I have this peace. Regardless of the outcome of this new challenge, He will direct my steps, He will guide my direction and will carry me through.

Sandra V.

Change of Scenery

I decided to change my theme and hope that you enjoy it. Since my computer crashed and I lost all my images, I must begin a new collection. Pictures will be added again soon. I believe honestly and sincerely that God has begun a new thing in me and rather than mourn the loss, I will just flow with the Holy Spirit.

As I move forward in this year with my commitment to write more often, I have had to focus on that. Life brings challenges, events and just plain utter distractions. I have also been reading the blogs of others and those I follow. Realizing that I truly love to write, my commitment is stronger than ever thanks to other bloggers who have stayed true to form.

I admire Chris Martin for his style of writing. No matter what he writes about, it reflects sincerity, honesty and style. He captures your attention. His honesty is refreshing and never condescending or disrespectful. I have found other authors that I enjoy as well and have decided to not just follow but plug into what they have to say. I also realize that I enjoy reading what others share. My understanding and desire deepens for writing as I begin to truly share my own journey.

At one point, I was very apprehensive – almost fearful – of the vulnerability that comes with putting the pen to paper and sharing my journey. I’ve always written but the sharing part was a little intimidating. However, as I grow in grace and understand more of how my personal journey may help others make it through theirs, it has motivated me to step it up. I also realize that I can quote Scripture and make a point but the anointing is in the message that comes from the heart and how God brings me through based on His Word. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” (Rev. 12:11, NKJV)

I look forward to sharing and hope that you will enjoy what you read. See you soon!

Sandra V.

The Best Laid Plans and Life’s Curve Balls

God’s Painting

At the beginning of this year, I submitted a post with my plans to post regularly and do other things. Graphic design work, writing and staying with my part time job were part of those plans. Well, my plans have changed because of the curve balls life throws at you. I’m sure God has a sense of humor because He may be just tickled pink with the plans I made and sees how things have played out so differently. I’m not mad at Him because I know regardless of what happens He provides.

Things started early in January with my mother dying. I am glad she’s in a better place, of course. I am glad she doesn’t suffer anymore with the physical ills she was dealing with; and, I am glad that she did live a long life. She died at 76 years of age. I was not prepared for how it would affect me. Even at my age, I had to adjust to not being able to call Mom when I felt like just hearing her voice. I have since had other major changes like moving and becoming an empty nester. Being an empty nester is different because even though children are not gone permanently, they leave home and the time you spend still caring about them and what they do needs to be replaced with something else. Don’t get me wrong. I will never stop caring about my children even as adults. However, the constant daily interactions have changed.

I also became a grandmother with my first granddaughter, Essence. I wanted to be in a much more stable place when my first grandchild arrived. That said, I know that it is a blessed event. I know that I can remain stable in my prayers for my children and their children. The changes have been all mixed up this year. I stay focused on the point that God sees all and knows where I am. He is aware of heart’s desires and because I stay focused on Him, He will answer them. The loss and changes brings emotions that may be challenging but are necessary. Dealing with our emotions – whether it’s sadness, happiness, pain or joy – is critical to staying abreast of them. Not allowing them to overwhelm us. God equipped us with them to balance us out.

As this year comes to a close, I know that the things that happened changed me and some of my perspectives. And, yes, I still have plans. They are not set in stone. I still plan to post more often and do graphic design work as well as write. I also plan to smile more often when those changes come because I know that God is just as tickled as I am when they come. At this point, I believe that the only constant in our lives is change. I am not saying don’t plan, just be flexible because those plans can and sometimes will change. I also try to remember that God has His plans and purposes for our lives. Sometimes we get in the way. His will is the plan that I want to keep no matter what. Okay, see you soon. Lol…

The Eighth Sin – Disrespect for Others

The Daily Post

While this may not seem like a sin and of course, it is based on one’s personal perspective, disrespect is one of my pet peeves. It raises my ire in ways that I just didn’t think were possible. One could ask “What do you mean?” Another question for the reader would be “How do you define disrespect?” I will follow with a few examples and would like to establish that these are my personal opinions.

Pants hanging down so far that underwear can be seen from a mile away. That is totally disrespectful to me. I would say that the term underwear means that they are to remain under the top layer of clothing. Of course, this culture has redefined disrespectful under the guise of cool or swag. Class and discretion used to mean something. Just because you have a behind doesn’t mean that everyone wants to see it. This is typically a “male” thing, but I would like to say less is more, even for guys. Guess what? Women like a mystery also as well as a well-dressed man. Oh, at least I do.

Profanity is another form of disrespect, especially to those who wish to have a conversation without the sentence containing 75% of expletives. While some may say that profanity gets a person’s point across, I tend to disagree. You can actually say what you need to say by changing your tone. That does not mean yelling. If you are sincere and wish to make a statement about how you feel without changing your boundaries, you can. Say it and mean it without crossing the lines. I would say I wasted thousands getting a college education just to use cussing someone out as the only way to get my point across.

This may be the last one listed in this post, but certainly does not diminish my list. Disrespect for others by using control to manipulate them actually hurts my heart. This action tells me that another person’s worth is not valued and they are not given choices that reveal who they are and where they stand. More than that, it says that the person who does the controlling does not care. It can be presumed that there is a simple solution to this. Leave that person alone. Sometimes it is not that simple or easy. Control fanatics can be those you love, bosses, etc.

This post is a personal perspective and you may agree or disagree. I am sure there are quite a few other “sins” that can be added to this list. This is just what came to my mind.

Deep Thought
Deep Thought

After Decisions

Deep Thought
Deep Thought

After making decisions on the blog and moving forward, things come out of nowhere to challenge the new focus. One of the things that irks me is when I sabotage myself. This week has been crazy for me. I made wrong decisions that have major negative impact and trying to recover to get back where I was with so much enthusiasm is an uphill climb. The thing about making dumb choices is you have no one to blame but yourself. Okay, now that that diatribe is over, I am once again focused. One thing to learn from making wrong choices is to consider the consequences that will follow. The consequences add more situations that you have to make decisions on and this is extra work.

As I move forward, I realize that there are times when you have to see the true reality of making those wrong choices. I look forward to when making the right choices is a breeze. I believe it is feasible but it takes constant awareness and trust. My trust in God and His plan for my life keeps me holding when I have made some major mistakes. At this moment in time, I do count my blessings. I am still breathing and yesterday is gone. Today is a new day and I don’t have to make those same mistakes again. And, although I have added some new situations to work out, they are nothing that God and I can’t work out together. However, I do have to say that God will be in charge and I need to follow His direction. This is my  journey.



Time Management and Prioritizing

clockHi, everyone. The first issue to address for managing everything is time management. Allocate the time and time the allocation is the key. There are only 24 hours in every day and some of them are already spoken for if you need any type of sleep and we all need some. Right? If you don’t need any at all, I just might be inclined to add you to my prayer list.

I have found that doing this is tricky, especially for things like emails. I have three accounts that I use regularly and one that I really need to clean up. Emails pile up quickly. I have found that some of them come twice a week. Realizing that in our age of technology, it is how people and businesses create awareness of what they have to offer or what they want you to know. I’m not upset with this strategy. I just do not have time to read through them all everyday. I do make a practice of cleaning out my boxes regularly and what really doesn’t interest me, I throw it out. Now, with that being said, my next step is to unsubscribe from these websites. I realize that if this step is not taken, I will continue to pile up the emails and have to dump my box on a regular basis. And, while I am using time management skills and managing to stay abreast of the barrage, this becomes a vicious cycle. So, a key step in using my time wisely is to unsubscribe from what I do not need and what is not of interest to me.

Prioritizing is simple but not always easy. Although planning my day is simple enough with the time allocations, it takes awareness to not let the unplanned activities sabotage my day. And, as the unplanned things come up, I have to establish if they are priorities or not. There are times when I have to remind my family of my priorities as well. Awareness of what is going on with me is vital. Reassessing the day’s activities is a continual process and as I practice this, it does get easier. Putting in this type of work is critical in order to be successful. I have learned the hard way. So, my friends, I am staying focused and hope you do too.


Decisions, Decisions

It's me.
It’s me.

After posting my apologies for being missing in action, I thought about how often I will be blogging. Twice a week will be the magic number. The days may vary based on what activities have priority. Between working a part-time  job to pay the bills and doing graphic design projects as well as content writing, the time flies. I have to say that working from home is a challenge but a joy as well. Staying organized can be quite elusive sometimes. Managing your time when time is flying by is a catch 22. However, it can be done. As I share my journey for PERSONAL DESIGN by Sandra and other endeavors, it does help to share the challenges and the triumphs.

I do have my website up ( and will be updating as I complete new projects. It is a work in progress, of course. Take a look. I am a little nervous. School is over and welcome to the real world. As I take a glance back over the last three and half years, I can see growth, challenges, pain, joy and changes. It has not been an easy time, but it has been a good growth time. I did stay focused on my goal to graduate and thanks to God, He provided a way when I didn’t see one. Now that graduation draws nigh, I see the next mountain to climb, student loans to repay. Or should I say mountain to move. Faith and hard work are two key and vital elements for the future. Getting the business running well so I can pay back those loans is certainly a priority! The new year will be here in the blink of an eye and I can say, nervous or not, I am ready.

Please feel free to leave comments or helpful suggestions as I move forward and share my journey with you.