Christ_The Critical Connection

Connection…The connection with Christ defines all the other connections.


The dictionary defines connection as the point at which two things are connected. Of course, I had to find synonyms that delve deeper into connection. They include relationship, linking, association, as well as joint. I would like to speak about our connection to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our connection, of course, is through accepting the greatest gift anyone could give us and that is salvation. My question is do you have a connection with Christ?
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Daily Prompt Response: Seasons

Live in the Season

This is a great prompt. Seasons…we can all look at our lives and see the seasons of events. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 describes it best. God created the seasons of life and nature. I thought the Pinterest pin above describes what we really need to do in the various seasons of our lives. I added the Scripture verses for Ecclesiastes 3 after this for your reading pleasure.
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What’s in a Name?

Some days have clouds...Say Your Name Say your name or “what’s in a name” for me. I was originally going to write a different post but saw this prompt and thought it would be interesting and fun to pursue. What’s in a name? A friend and I had a discussion last year about names and how many times they seem to really fit the person. My first and middle names are Sandra Ruth. While Sandra is not in the Bible, Ruth is there. Sandra is Greek and Ruth is Hebrew. I did add my middle name to this mix.
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Again and Again

Nature's Beauty
Nice place to read…

Second Time Around

In response to the Daily Post prompt, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti are two books that I have read not only once or twice but several times over the years. It has been on my heart to read them again and this prompt comes up. I had to share. Christian fiction is a genre that has come to life in my lifetime. These books are about spiritual warfare. Frank Peretti elegantly captures a part of this Christian journey that needs to be highlighted. He aptly shows us how deceptive the enemy can be as well as the devil’s covert methods to draw in those who are unaware that there is more going on our lives than what we can see with the naked eye.
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Everything Changes

Daily Post Prompt: Everything Changes

Strolling to the next shop to sightsee, I see a folded piece of paper that looks inviting. Maybe the fact that it wasn’t dirty caught my attention. This meant that the paper hadn’t been there that long. I speed up a little just to make sure no one else reaches it before me. Approaching the paper, I reach down and pick it up. Excitement building for some unknown reason about this piece of paper that everyone else seemed to miss. Could this be a message just for me?
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Laughter is Necessary…But Everything is Not Funny

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Randall is running as fast as he can being chased by his friends. He knew he would outrun them. They would not catch him. He turns to look back while still in very fast motion to see how far they were behind. Little did he know that would cost him the race. He ran smack in the middle of a huge oak tree. Wow! That hurt. He thought he would pass out and could feel the bump forming on his forehead. The friends catch up and are bursting with laughter? Funny or not?

Of course the friends are not thinking about the fact that Randall could be seriously hurt. The oak tree is a formidable opponent. Rather than check to make sure he’s alright, the laughter takes over and turns into a tearful, stomach-hurting long moment when Randall feels physical pain and then emotionally hurt because his friends see his mishap as a joke.

Everything is not funny. Sometimes it is necessary to make sure another person is alright after a mishap. I have an experience like this in my past… a long, long time ago. Really. It was not funny. I did understand the giggle box being opened by the incident but to me, it was not funny. I was hurting physically and emotionally. It has been said that we should laugh at the mishaps we experience in life. That taking things too seriously can be very destructive.

Making sure a person is alright before bursting into laughter at a mishap is the point here. And, while life happens and we can certainly laugh at ourselves, timing is everything. Ask any comedian. That said, I think some social media venues have gone to the extreme to make us laugh. Some posts are discouraging, painful, embarrassing. I know people are individuals; one group may find something funny and the other may not. For me everything is not funny.