Hello, everyone. It’s been a few days since my last post. Been busy reading and enjoying the blogging community. From the topics of keeping or revealing secrets to providing positive feedback as well as personal journeys, it has been interesting and eye-opening to say the least.
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Never Again…This Food

Never Again

Me somewhere in that timeframe…

I was tickled with this prompt. This prompt reminds me of an experience in California with sushi. Okay, everyone has a list of things they love and while I try not to be a prude about others choices, sometimes you just know, you know. Well, the secretaries at the company I worked for got together and we needed to make a decision for lunch for Secretary’s Day. We had a decent debate on what would be a location that all would be pleased with. Well, the bottom line ended up being sushi at one of the frequented restaurants close by. I was not up for it because, well, raw fish. No, not me. However, being the only one who really didn’t like sushi, the “you need to try it before you say no” process started.
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Key Takeaway from My Blogging 101 Experience

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I would say this has been an enriching experience. The key takeaway is that you learn at your own pace. The assignments are great! They are challenging and force you out of your comfort zone. Although there are bloggers who have been at this quite some time, there is always room to improve and move forward in your blogging journey as they have shown. While the key takeaway is learning at your own pace, I must say that the second takeaway, for me, was getting involved in the blogging community. There is such rich material out there and people who want to share their journey of living, laughing, crying, healing and creativity.

One of the best things that I received is the acceptance. I can write my own story. I don’t have to compare myself to others and I get to read some amazing stories from the other bloggers as well as engage. I have learned so much and saw photos that were brilliant. The support from the staff and other writers has been phenomenal. I have been writing a while but was never involved in a community like this. I have found quite a few bloggers to follow and have received quite a few followers myself. My commitment to writing this year started off with bang. Blogging 101 helped to reinforce the commitment and while my writing is far from over, this has been a great foundation.

I still have a couple of assignments to finish. The learning is based on your time. Having a job and other life events occurring, it was challenging but I accepted. The assignments to finish involve tweaking my site and that, to me, is a continuous process. As I grow in this blogging journey, I must say that I do appreciate immensely this stop on my way.


Everything Changes

Daily Post Prompt: Everything Changes

Strolling to the next shop to sightsee, I see a folded piece of paper that looks inviting. Maybe the fact that it wasn’t dirty caught my attention. This meant that the paper hadn’t been there that long. I speed up a little just to make sure no one else reaches it before me. Approaching the paper, I reach down and pick it up. Excitement building for some unknown reason about this piece of paper that everyone else seemed to miss. Could this be a message just for me?
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Gratitude, Thankfulness and Appreciation

This Life
God Is in the Details

Sounds like these three are all in a boat together, having the same meaning. There are subtle differences in these three words that increase understanding of God being in the details of life. In reading this morning, all three of these words were used. I use Psalm 100:4 to express my understanding these subtle differences.

Thankfulness_conscious of the benefit received (mindful)
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The Best Laid Plans and Life’s Curve Balls

God’s Painting

At the beginning of this year, I submitted a post with my plans to post regularly and do other things. Graphic design work, writing and staying with my part time job were part of those plans. Well, my plans have changed because of the curve balls life throws at you. I’m sure God has a sense of humor because He may be just tickled pink with the plans I made and sees how things have played out so differently. I’m not mad at Him because I know regardless of what happens He provides.

Things started early in January with my mother dying. I am glad she’s in a better place, of course. I am glad she doesn’t suffer anymore with the physical ills she was dealing with; and, I am glad that she did live a long life. She died at 76 years of age. I was not prepared for how it would affect me. Even at my age, I had to adjust to not being able to call Mom when I felt like just hearing her voice. I have since had other major changes like moving and becoming an empty nester. Being an empty nester is different because even though children are not gone permanently, they leave home and the time you spend still caring about them and what they do needs to be replaced with something else. Don’t get me wrong. I will never stop caring about my children even as adults. However, the constant daily interactions have changed.

I also became a grandmother with my first granddaughter, Essence. I wanted to be in a much more stable place when my first grandchild arrived. That said, I know that it is a blessed event. I know that I can remain stable in my prayers for my children and their children. The changes have been all mixed up this year. I stay focused on the point that God sees all and knows where I am. He is aware of heart’s desires and because I stay focused on Him, He will answer them. The loss and changes brings emotions that may be challenging but are necessary. Dealing with our emotions – whether it’s sadness, happiness, pain or joy – is critical to staying abreast of them. Not allowing them to overwhelm us. God equipped us with them to balance us out.

As this year comes to a close, I know that the things that happened changed me and some of my perspectives. And, yes, I still have plans. They are not set in stone. I still plan to post more often and do graphic design work as well as write. I also plan to smile more often when those changes come because I know that God is just as tickled as I am when they come. At this point, I believe that the only constant in our lives is change. I am not saying don’t plan, just be flexible because those plans can and sometimes will change. I also try to remember that God has His plans and purposes for our lives. Sometimes we get in the way. His will is the plan that I want to keep no matter what. Okay, see you soon. Lol…

The Eighth Sin – Disrespect for Others

The Daily Post

While this may not seem like a sin and of course, it is based on one’s personal perspective, disrespect is one of my pet peeves. It raises my ire in ways that I just didn’t think were possible. One could ask “What do you mean?” Another question for the reader would be “How do you define disrespect?” I will follow with a few examples and would like to establish that these are my personal opinions.

Pants hanging down so far that underwear can be seen from a mile away. That is totally disrespectful to me. I would say that the term underwear means that they are to remain under the top layer of clothing. Of course, this culture has redefined disrespectful under the guise of cool or swag. Class and discretion used to mean something. Just because you have a behind doesn’t mean that everyone wants to see it. This is typically a “male” thing, but I would like to say less is more, even for guys. Guess what? Women like a mystery also as well as a well-dressed man. Oh, at least I do.

Profanity is another form of disrespect, especially to those who wish to have a conversation without the sentence containing 75% of expletives. While some may say that profanity gets a person’s point across, I tend to disagree. You can actually say what you need to say by changing your tone. That does not mean yelling. If you are sincere and wish to make a statement about how you feel without changing your boundaries, you can. Say it and mean it without crossing the lines. I would say I wasted thousands getting a college education just to use cussing someone out as the only way to get my point across.

This may be the last one listed in this post, but certainly does not diminish my list. Disrespect for others by using control to manipulate them actually hurts my heart. This action tells me that another person’s worth is not valued and they are not given choices that reveal who they are and where they stand. More than that, it says that the person who does the controlling does not care. It can be presumed that there is a simple solution to this. Leave that person alone. Sometimes it is not that simple or easy. Control fanatics can be those you love, bosses, etc.

This post is a personal perspective and you may agree or disagree. I am sure there are quite a few other “sins” that can be added to this list. This is just what came to my mind.

Deep Thought
Deep Thought

Missing in Action

After graduating in December of this year, moving full force into business for myself is both scary and exciting. I will be posting regularly to my blog now.


High HeelsHi, everyone. I must apologize for the absence. I have been working on finishing my degree in graphic design, taking care of my family and getting organized. I have set up Personal Design by Sandra. I have added a link to my portfolio should you want to check it out. Moving forward fully into the world of graphic design is exhilarating and a little intense. After graduating in December of this year, moving full force into business for myself is both scary and exciting. I will be posting regularly to my blog now. I haven’t decided what direction it will take. Right now, the focus has been on spiritual growth and social issues. I may decide on a separate blog for the graphic design area. I also may decided that growing in my business is also growing spiritually and socially. And, I may just make this blog about what is going in my life in all these categories.

I took this picture of an actual painting at a model home in South Carolina. I liked the heels but also wanted to use the photo as a background for the theme of walking in my shoes. Some of you may be able to relate to starting a new business, walking out in faith and taking what you learned from that expensive education to bat for you. At any rate, here I come. Any shout outs are welcome and I’ll be back real soon.




I am saying that as we take the road to educating ourselves, we cannot elevate the education process above who we really are. We cannot allow the process to undermine how we define ourselves.

Deep Thought


This last five weeks in school have been most challenging. Taking online classes for a full degree may seem like it is easy. I beg to differ. You are responsible for all the work like campus classes. You are also responsible for doing the research, legwork, getting the understanding, etc. etc. etc. The difference in being on campus is that the involvement with other students while doing this can help a great deal in getting through the challenges.

This is the big difference in the process. While online technology has been a great tool in so many areas of our culture, it can still get in the way of the relationships we need. An online student can talk or rather chat with their peers but actually getting together face to face is typically not an option. Many online students live in various states or cities and a physical meeting is out of the question.

Okay, the point is this. I appreciate the opportunity albeit not an easy one. But I also now see more of the value in acquiring an education on a physical campus. Even in this God did not intend that we accomplish things alone. While I do have the support of those I love, I just wanted to share that even in the positive aspirations there is recognition of the need for others to be involved.

We are not defined by the degrees, grades, certificates and other objects that only have the value placed on them that we give them. We are defined by the relationships that we have in this life and it begins with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you have a relationship with the Savior? I do realize that this is just another challenge that I have been helped through by having my own relationship with Jesus.

Being a straight-A student in my educational career, C’s give me the shakes. However, during these five weeks, I was reminded that I am not defined by the grades. Okay, I not saying getting F’s is the way to go. Smile. I am saying that as we take the road to educating ourselves, we cannot elevate the educational process above who we really are. We cannot allow the process to undermine how we define ourselves.


Welcome to Glorious Impact.  This blog is for sharing the Word of God to encourage, inspire and strengthen Believers as well as those looking for answers.  I look forward to sharing my heart and the truth of God’s Word with others.  Ephesians 5:19 “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, submitting to one another in the fear of God.”  (NKJV, Holman Bible Publishing, Nashville, TN)

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