He’s got my attention

Started writing the day before yesterday. Of course, I scheduled to come home, get to work to make sure this post was done. And yes, of course, something came up. But, here I am. I have been quiet because it’s been chaotic and a bit crazy the last couple of months. There’s been so much information flooding the Internet, it’s unreal. And then, having to sort through it all.

Well, praying all is well with each and everyone of you as well as your family and friends. I feel wonderfully at peace. (Peace that passes all understanding.) This is the first opportunity I’ve taken to write on the matter. God has allowed this pandemic to wake us up. He desires our attention and devotion. You may agree or disagree but my beliefs are in no way intended to offend anyone. I do hope and pray that the pandemic has motivated you to seek and trust God even more. There is nothing He isn’t aware of. This moment in time has made me even more sensitive to the fact that this is not my home. I am a temporary resident and have been more focused on desiring His will for my life in the daily practices. Looking forward to eternity.

As careful and safe as we can be practicing the safety protocols, we have no control other than to pray for God’s hedge of protection over our lives and loved ones. I would like to encourage all of you to trust God no matter what it looks like. And yes, I know it’s really looking totally crazy right now! No worry for the future though. It’s all in His hands. The past is gone. Today is all we have. Each day I wake up, I thank God because I didn’t have to wake up. That’s now more apparent than ever, particularly in this current climate.

There are various details all over about COVID-19. They are not in this post. The only detail I ask you to remember is that God is still in control. Trust Him and be led by the Holy Spirit. If your relationship with the Holy Spirit is a little distant, now is the time to get a lot more personal.

Trust God, keep the faith, and stay safe!

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I am a reader, writer, life coach, mother, Christian and lover of poetry. I enjoy romantic comedies, action, mysteries and faith films. I love the Motown Sound era and jazz. My favorite instrument is the saxophone. I love books, reading, learning and growth.

3 thoughts on “He’s got my attention”

  1. Amen! Amen! God is in control, and I am praying that he uses this crisis to bring us to repentance and faith, for our good and his glory. Yes, we are temporary residents! I have a post in my cue that I really need to finish that speaks to this. Nice hearing from you!

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