Welcome 2020!

Moving forward in 2020! There is so much to share. I realize I can’t share it all in one post but will begin the year back at home writing. There was quite a bit going on in 2019. I have three grandchildren now and that is a true blessing. Loving this phase of my life. Seeing these children grow and being able to really watch them and see them develop, seeing their personalities -who they are even from infancy – is amazing. As a single parent, there was a lot of enjoyment I missed just being busy with the roles of mother and father.

Another part of my journey I will share this year is my recovery. The onion is being peeled and there are layers that were hidden for many years. As I continue my walk with God, He is faithful to me with love, revelation and growth. This will certainly be an interesting chapter. I was somewhat invisible in 2019. However, it is all good. I do believe that sometimes we need to step back and gather ourselves.

Revamping my site is a writing project on the list and I am looking forward to this part. I accept that everything cannot be done in one felt swoop but takes time and I am hoping that many of you will continue on this journey with me. I had a totally different post to put here today but this is what landed. Looking forward to re-uniting with my favorite writers and seeing the wondrous adventures you’ve experienced.

More than anything, I am glad to be back in the forum that allows me to bless and encourage others on this journey!

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I am a reader, writer, life coach, mother, Christian and lover of poetry. I enjoy romantic comedies, action, mysteries and faith films. I love the Motown Sound era and jazz. My favorite instrument is the saxophone. I love books, reading, learning and growth.

3 thoughts on “Welcome 2020!”

  1. Welcome back, Sandra!!! When I saw your notification in my email, I had to immediately read it because you have been missed in this forum. Congratulations and welcome to grandmotherhood!

    Happy New Year to you!


    1. Thank you for that response. I have missed you all as well. Sometimes when God calls us to check ourselves we have to. I appreciate being missed but glad that I answered God to do some more inner work. I had to encourage myself for a while. The value of my posts is in my relationship with God. God bless you and wishing all the best for you and your family this year!

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  2. Hi!
    I’m very excited to see what else you’re going to put “on paper”.
    You are right. It´s very important not to ignore the voice of god. 🙂

    God bless you! Wish you all the best for 2020 (and furthermore).

    Kind Regards


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