Perplexed  bewildered, puzzled, entangled, complicated, involved
Yes, my friends, today I am perplexed. Lost my Amazon job. The reasoning is that since I do not return the packages that are undeliverable immediately back to the warehouse, it is cause for releasing me from their contract of service. Timing is great, right? Every time it seems I get close to getting things in order, I get a setback. Yes, I am perplexed??? Not sure what God is doing. I know that the timing of this release from service and the suit for the attack from the dogs is ironic.


At this point, I feel numb. I know that God has His plan in place. Right now the fog is heavy and thick. However, when we cannot see our way, we must trust. That is where I am right now, trusting Him to continue being Jehovah Jireh, my provider; Jehovah Nissi, my banner; and Jehova Rapha, my healer because my heart is heavy. Continue reading Perplexed???