Write Place and Space


20160513_195024The sun illuminated the room as the shades were drawn. There was a brightness to the sunshine that the fluorescent lights couldn’t capture. As she opened the door, the wraparound porch looked so inviting this early in the morning. The sounds of nature, from the humming bird to the woodpecker seemed to invite her to the party of nature’s peace. Decor for the porch included the white wicker table and chair set that was ensconced in the floral pattern of spring flowers. Writing seemed to come natural here. The peace and décor represented just the right space to put pen to paper. After getting centered in the Word and making sure to put God first, the thoughts on gratitude seemed to come flowing forth. Who would not be grateful for all that the Lord had provided this morning? A place of gratitude from which to bless others and glorify the Lord is not always easily forthcoming.

But, today was the perfect day to reveal her heart. Surrounded by a number of large oak trees, yet to provide the shade they so adequately provided as the day moved forth, she took in the scenic view of greenery that enhanced the country home. Although it wasn’t too far out, it was far enough off the beaten path to provide the solitude and serenity she desired. The colors of the flowers provided the splashes of color needed to paint nature’s picture of the God’s creativity. She took a deep breath to breathe in the beauty that was so richly given this morning.

Samantha blinked her eyes and awoke. The dream she had seemed so real with traces of the peace and serenity she felt in the dream still with her. The sounds of the others quickly broke into her gratitude and peaceful place. It seemed to move her from that grateful place to one of irritation. Why couldn’t she stay in the dream? Where solitude and peace were overwhelming, allowing her to soar in her thoughts. Instead, she had to work consistently on being grateful. Not allowing the distractions to move her from the place of writing peacefully from her heart. Well, no matter. Although there were perfect places and spaces to write, there was also writing from the inconvenient or uncomfortable places. A writer is a writer.

20160513_195010Maybe the ultimate dream of the office space she desired would come true. A room with tall cherry wood bookcases lining one entire wall. Old books and new books that included fiction, non-fiction, self-help and documentaries as well to quench the thirst for knowledge that always seemed present. The chaise lounge decorated in a floral pattern matching the rug under the desk would be perfectly placed in the French windows to allow the quiet time to be enhanced by the rising sun. Or, maybe the windows would be positioned to reveal the natural beauty of the setting sun. There was something about a sunset that man could not touch. A gift of beauty from God that you could only enjoy. You had nothing to do with it.

The red rug would hold the cherry wood desk that held the pens, especially the nice fountain pens that she collected. Writing on pen and paper seemed more of luxury these days. The computer had almost taken over. However, the pen and paper will never be completely replaced. Since Apple was her maker of choice for the computer, the iMac was the most recent acquisition. She still held on to the first Mac she bought for herself. It represented a time in her life when things changed. Her desire to write, though not yet arrived, was definitely awakened. Oh well, time to get moving and stop daydreaming. Maybe I could just write about this day and the dream I had.


2 responses

  1. “…to allow the quiet time to be enhanced by the rising sun. Or, maybe the windows would be positioned to reveal the natural beauty of the setting sun. There was something about a sunset that man could not touch. A gift of beauty from God that you could only enjoy. You had nothing to do with it.”

    I love your dream of the ideal writing space. As the sun comes up and as the sun goes down; two perfect times of the day to write and praise God!

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  2. Ahhh – what a beautiful dream… I wish your dreams come true for you! x

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