Today’s Thoughts…Tuesday, May 10th

Rest in His Arms 3Capturing the essence of moments in time to be able to hold on to meaning for this life. Beyond the skies, there is a God who says “I love you more than you will ever know or conceive.” In the grand scheme of things, that is what is necessary to hold onto because that is eternity. The past couple of weeks have been a frenzy. Moving around because of circumstances, it is necessary to say that even in all the different scenarios, God was and is my provider.

What is my comfort zone? Now, it is trusting that wherever God has me, He has me. Over the last several years, I have desired stability in living my situation. That place called home that I can come to every day or night after work and relax. That place to refuel and strengthen myself for the next day. I still desire that. However, God has shown me that His arms are my real home.

Rest in His Arms 4While the tangible is important, it is not the most important. I can check the news reports and find all over the Internet instances where others have lost everything tangible, but not hope. We place sentimental value on the tangible things and wonder what we would do without them. Of course, there is a sadness when we lose something that expresses a moment or a time in our lives that was significant. Now, for me, there is a release of the many things that I used to hold onto because I felt that a part of me would be missing. I now treasure the moments that I capture in photography and writing.

Resting in His ArmsMore than anything I write because I want to share from a heart that loves God and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is real. I no longer desire to debate the existence of God. Either a person believes or he doesn’t. My hope is that as I share my heartfelt journey about God’s faithfulness, His love, His miracles and the intimacy that continues to grow in good, bad and ugly circumstances that another would be drawn to Him. It is amazing to me how believers can become entangled in the mess of this world forgetting that before Christ returns times will wax worse and worse. It is in the Scriptures that no thing will be left undone before the return of Christ. It should be our one major focus to just share the Gospel of Good News. We plant the seed as the workers and God is solely responsible for the rest. The second focus is prayer. Whether we are praying for family, friends or strangers, prayer is necessary. Hebrews speaks about the angels being called to duty because of the prayers of the saints.

As I finish this post and prepare for work, I rest in His arms with His peace in my heart.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I know that on my Blurring the Lines post, you encouraged me not to be entangled with the mess of the world, but a part of the purpose of my blog is to speak out about my thoughts on Politics, Religion, etc. So, I raise issues that impact us. I do this to serve as warning to some, encouragement for some of us to stand because we, believers, have lost our salt, our influence on the world because we easily adapt to the culture and its changes instead of influencing them.

    We love, we stand, we speak, we pray.


  2. Touché, my friend. Not discouraging speaking out by any stretch of the imagination. Just want to encourage us to guard our hearts. The world can and does sneak upon us. Love you and your heart for others!


  3. “home is where the heart is” – a lovely old saying and for you it is in God’s arms.. How wonderful x

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  4. ” My hope is that as I share my heartfelt journey about God’s faithfulness, His love, His miracles and the intimacy that continues to grow in good, bad and ugly circumstances that another would be drawn to Him. ”

    You and I know that’s how it is done.

    ” the angels… called to duty because of the prayers of the saints. ” I love that. I love that image. More power to the angels. In my long ago post “In the Name of the Father,” I write about angels being assigned to each flag purchased and going with the flag to spread the Holy Spirit as the flag is flown from the back of each pickup truck. You might like what I wrote.

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    1. It is nice to know there is a connection as believers that solidifies the body of Christ. It is important that we read the Word for ourselves. How else would you have known about the “angels”? Love sharing the Word with you and so blessed that we were able to connect in this blogging community.

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