Frozen in Time…Thoughts on my Children

Frozen in time…

In responding to this prompt, I respond to the prompt by first doing the writing exercise of writing for six minutes about what first comes to my mind when thinking about this word phrase. My thoughts go to my children as one of the items on the list.

Frozen in timeI feel frozen when they are hurting and there is nothing I can do except encourage them and even that does not seem to be working. Over the past year, all of my children have been in a place of pain, a couple more severe than the others. When expressing their pain and understanding that they are feeling their way through this journey called life, it gets difficult. I believe that there are times when they have to really experience the painful process for their own specific details about their journey. I certainly had to do the same.

The frozen part is not really comforting. It is a place of stillness that does not seem to help the situation. However, I do understand that the being still is also a necessary part of this journey. Being frozen (and I don’t like cold much less frozen), doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t helpful though. I was reading about being there for others and part of that reading talked about just listening. Although it may seem like you are frozen, you aren’t because being a good listener is a verb. When I think of the ground being frozen(winter), I realize that under that frozen ground, new life is springing forth. The same goes for our frozen times, unwanted but nonetheless necessary.






Refocusing Energies & Quiet Time

Life like a CameraThe past few days have been about refocusing energies and quiet time. I definitely needed the time to analyze my thought processes again as well as get rid of the distracting thoughts. The daily process is a continual thing that needs realignment. I took the time necessary and back in the swing of things. I will be posting to the 2016 Ready Journey on Saturday. Making the commitment to a weekly submission has definitely brought about reorganization.

I want to share that sometimes we have all the tools we need but when we add something new to do we want to add a new tool even though the ones we have work fine. Not sure what the cause of that is but I reorganized, reviewed the tools I had and got rid of the new ones where the old tools were just fine. I laugh at myself because I tend to want to create a new calendar, list, etc. when I add something new to my process. That is so over. It is about fine tuning now because I want to accomplish so much more and redoing lists is not on the list! Laughing out loud at myself because making sure I have my quiet time with God is so much more important.
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