Key Takeaway from My Blogging 101 Experience

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I would say this has been an enriching experience. The key takeaway is that you learn at your own pace. The assignments are great! They are challenging and force you out of your comfort zone. Although there are bloggers who have been at this quite some time, there is always room to improve and move forward in your blogging journey as they have shown. While the key takeaway is learning at your own pace, I must say that the second takeaway, for me, was getting involved in the blogging community. There is such rich material out there and people who want to share their journey of living, laughing, crying, healing and creativity.

One of the best things that I received is the acceptance. I can write my own story. I don’t have to compare myself to others and I get to read some amazing stories from the other bloggers as well as engage. I have learned so much and saw photos that were brilliant. The support from the staff and other writers has been phenomenal. I have been writing a while but was never involved in a community like this. I have found quite a few bloggers to follow and have received quite a few followers myself. My commitment to writing this year started off with bang. Blogging 101 helped to reinforce the commitment and while my writing is far from over, this has been a great foundation.

I still have a couple of assignments to finish. The learning is based on your time. Having a job and other life events occurring, it was challenging but I accepted. The assignments to finish involve tweaking my site and that, to me, is a continuous process. As I grow in this blogging journey, I must say that I do appreciate immensely this stop on my way.


Courage is Moving Forward in Spite of Fear

God’s Hand

Mandy stood staring as she watched her spirit disappear into the floor. She felt hopeless and alone. This week things had gotten worse. “As if they could,” she thought morbidly. The work to maintain any semblance of peace in this relationship seemed futile. She then turned and went to put away the laundry she had done.

As she folded clothes, the thought occurred to her that she had never been in a relationship where things were so bad. She actually married this man. What was she going to do? Even the relationship between her young son Luke and Terry had gone sour. Blended families were so hard. The fear of leaving gripped her even though she knew that things would only get worse. Terry had no desire to change. He couldn’t on his own and did not see the need for help. The conversation to get counseling went sour so what was the point of trying again? She had already done all that she could to make this marriage work.

The violent outbursts were really getting overwhelming. She realized that the nervous stomach she had and that Luke had were because of what was going on in the household. Something had to be done. The service at church was okay. It wasn’t what she needed. Maybe because the anointing of the Holy Spirit wasn’t on the pastor. She hated thinking like that but the truth was the truth. She couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong. Something was amiss.
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