Everything Changes

Daily Post Prompt: Everything Changes

Strolling to the next shop to sightsee, I see a folded piece of paper that looks inviting. Maybe the fact that it wasn’t dirty caught my attention. This meant that the paper hadn’t been there that long. I speed up a little just to make sure no one else reaches it before me. Approaching the paper, I reach down and pick it up. Excitement building for some unknown reason about this piece of paper that everyone else seemed to miss. Could this be a message just for me?

There is a bench up ahead to sit and relax. The architects probably wanted to make sure that the courtyard offered the patrons a place to relax after enjoying the shops and the food places. The greenery and design seemed to fit this courtyard giving the aesthetic appearance a warm and relaxing atmosphere, even in the busy traffic of patrons. Anyway, the paper. Approaching the bench, I sit. Eagerly anticipating what this folded piece of paper had for me, I open it.

My eyes widen, my heartbeats race a little more and my thought is “God is awesome all by Himself!” The message on the paper says:

“Believe Me, dear child. My purpose and plan for your life is still real.

Believe Me, dear child, for despite all things, I love you still.

Believe Me, dear child, for I will never leave nor forsake you.

Believe Me, dear child, for I continue to mold and make you.

Believe Me, dear child.”

What seemed to resonate in my heart at that moment are His words, “Believe Me, dear child.”

As 2016, unfolds, the change from just believing in God to truly believing God has changed the way I process my decisions. The desperation that I used to feel is gone. The trust that He has my back, goes before me and guides me as well create a “peace that passes understanding.” I feel excitement and change in the air. Not because of me, because of Him.

This prompt was given back in December. Who knew this was my piece of paper that changed everything.

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I am a reader, writer, life coach, mother, Christian and lover of poetry. I enjoy romantic comedies, action, mysteries and faith films. I love the Motown Sound era and jazz. My favorite instrument is the saxophone. I love books, reading, learning and growth.

13 thoughts on “Everything Changes”

  1. I enjoyed reading this! Your take on the “change” prompt relates in a way to what I wrote using “Reason to Believe.” You were in the right place at the right time to pick up that piece of paper. Yes–meant for you! Nice post.

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  2. Well said, from “just believing” to “truly believing.” The Christian walk is all about drawing nearer to Christ and letting His peace rule in our hearts and spirits. May God draw you ever closer throughout this new year.

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    1. We tend to be oblivious to the depth of God’s Word sometimes. My hope (certain expectation is the way a fellow blogger described it today) is that this year will take me to a deeper depth and understanding of Him. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much, Nicole. I appreciate that. I will be connecting words later on today. Had to take a couple days to take care of other things. I love writing and look forward to penning more words of encouragement. Be blessed!

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