Life and Baseball

Although life throws curve balls, fast balls and even some strange balls at me, I rise to the occasion. I even rise like the balls that are thrown. Sometimes a little curvy or wobbly, sometimes fast and sometimes even strangely since I can’t always figure out how I even rose from the ball thrown. Of all the sports, I love baseball. Yes, ladies do love baseball, too. I like the analogy of the game. The pitcher is on the mound and as the batter, you are at the plate. You are ready for the ball. Not sure what’s coming. In your stance, swinging the bat, ready for the ball you swing. Strike one. Okay, you get ready for the next one. You didn’t like that you missed but confident that you will hit the next one out of the park. Hopeful, excited. You prepare for the swing again: stance, swinging the bat. Here it comes. Too high, a ball. Okay you now have a minimum of two swings left and a maximum of five (a few more maybe considering the foul balls), two more strikes and three more balls. The excitement mounts because you know you have to make the best of these next few opportunities. Or, you will have to wait until you come up to bat again.

You are ready again. Prepared to swing, here comes the ball. Strike. Oh my! Laughing out loud for those of you who would have used a completely different adjective. Okay, down to four more chances to hit this thing out of the park. Looking at the pitcher, you realize he’s confident he will strike you out. Laughing to yourself, you think, “Good luck with that!” The next two pitches are balls. Here is the defining moment, two strikes and three balls.

How would feel if you did strike out? How would you feel if you walked or got a pass on this opportunity? How would feel if you hit a foul ball and had to take that stance one more time? Life is like this game. Emotional highs and lows with opportunities to keep trying when it’s your turn to bat again. Thank God there are more than nine innings. Or are there? Depends on how long your innings are.

Not sure if this will change your perspective on baseball, but it is my sports cup of tea. It helps keep life in perspective.

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who am I, why am I here?

I recently discovered more about my desires resulting from a loss. I do know that I love writing. That answers the why am I here question. I am a writer at heart and that answers the who am I question. Of course, being a writer is only one facet of who I am. I have a lot to say but have been struggling with how to put it in writing. Based on my recent loss though, I realize that I am who I am and whoever decides to be in a relationship with me, friend or otherwise, needs to accept that. The problem, as I seem to recognize it is that I wasn’t accepting myself for who I am.

That said, I realized that I was too worried about what others would think or say about my writing. That care has disappeared like 2015. It is a new year and a new me. Forward we march.

It is amazing to me how long this journey has taken. Acceptance is key for shortening any difficult or challenging journey. I have it now in clarity though. I look forward to what blogging will do for me this year. The decision to make my writing my priority is stronger than ever. As this is a new beginning, I am expecting exciting things in 2016!